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Maintenance and warranty information

Congratulations! You have chosen an extremely durable countertop material that will not be harmed by heat, sunlight, most acids, and many years of normal use.  


Your granite has been sealed with a silicone impregnator and should be resealed at least every 2 years to protect against staining. You'll find that it's easier to do than waxing your car, and just as important.


When water is flicked on a granite surface, it should not penetrate it. If the water is absorbed, it's time to re-seal. Miracle Sealants Company makes a great sealer for all types of stone and grout called 511 Porous Plus.


If you have a honed finish stone that was sealed with an enhancing sealer, you will want to re-seal using Aqua Mix Enrich ‘n Seal.

Wipe up spills immediately, followed by a light buffing with a dry, clean cloth to take care of water spots. Trivets, spoon rests, cutting boards, and coasters will help you maintain cleanliness. Specialized care products specifically designed for use on natural stone, such as DuPont's Revitalizer Daily Cleaner, are available from us.


You should avoid some cleaning products like:

Daily care preserves granite's good looks

Marble, limestone, and onyx are cared for in much the same way as granite, but they are softer and more easily scratched. Because they can be etched by acid, you should use a neutral pH cleaner on these surfaces. You also may need to seal these materials more often.


Occasional re-caulking will be necessary as part of the routine maintenance and can be easily done. If you need any assistance with finding the right color, be sure to ask us!


Natural stone tile should be cared for as outlined above.


Ceramic and porcelain tile and grout may be cleaned with any cleaner labeled for tile. If you have selected Spectralock (Epoxy) Grout, it will last for many years without additional sealing or special treatment. For more information, please check with Laticrete.


If you have selected any other grout, you will need to re-seal it about every 1-2 years depending on the area. For tile care, we recommend that you occasionally use Aqua Mix products like Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner and regularly use Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner.


If you have any questions, please call 717-464-8453. We're here to help!

Care for softer stone and tiles

Don't let grease, oil, shortening, butter, etc. remain on the surface. These substances may leach past the sealer and darken the stone.


In the unlikely event that food staining should occur, mix a poultice of seltzer water and baking soda to the consistency of toothpaste. Apply a layer about ¼” thick to the entire area, cover with plastic wrap, and leave for a full day. Wipe and let dry. The treatment will continue working for a few days. Do not reseal the area until the mark is gone.

  • Abrasive cleaners (Comet powder, etc.)

  • Cleaners that contain ammonia (window cleaner, etc.)

  • Hydrofluoric acid (HF), which is in some rust removal products and may etch your granite’s polish

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Easy care for stone surfaces